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How do you choose the right bicycle saddle? Step 3

by Kathrine Pedersen |

3. Test some saddles within your size and shape category with different types of perineal cut outs and channels. This is to protect your soft tissue area. There are so many styles of saddles out there the only way to find your best fit - is to try them! We are all different shapes and sizes and there is no one size fits all!

Other factors to consider:

How much padding do you need? Depending on your ride duration, if longer than 30km at a time, foam will tire and you will end up hurting in areas you want to protect.

What type of saddle covering?

Synthetic vs leather, mobile vs grip! You may want to be able to move in your saddle if you are moving position over your handlebars. While a more relaxed bike you may prefer to sit in a seat with a bit more grip. 

There is also flexibility of material, weight of the saddle and of course cost to consider when choosing the right saddle. 

Finally, dont let anyone choose a saddle for you as it's personal and only you can decide if its comfortable for you or not!

Whether you have the right saddle fit or not yet, our endurance saddle covers are made with long lasting high density foam technology which supports all shapes and sizes, helping both blood flow and air circulation during cycling and has shock absorption properties as well as being quick drying and bacteriostatic (anti odour & antibacterial) helping you get on with your ride in comfort.

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