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How do you choose the right bicycle saddle? Step 2

by Kathrine Pedersen |

2. This is much faster to determine than Step 1. as it's the style of cycling you do. Nonetheless, it's an important factor when choosing the right saddle for you as your pelvic tilt has an impact on where pressure is applied on your saddle.

In brief there are 3 main cycling positions which will determine THE RIGHT SHAPE SADDLE for you.

Sports – 45°, which are the very narrow saddles, generally ranging between 125mm – 170mm wide depending on your sit bone measure. 

Moderate – 60°, which will have a slightly wider saddle between 145mm – 196mm wide.

Relaxed – 90°, or sit up and beg bikes, where you are sitting upright. These bicycles are not intended for long distance riding and so are well suited for the wider and more comfortable saddle usually containing foam. These saddles are anything from 160mm wide upwards, but often around the 200mm - 230mm mark.

This is an abreviated measure in order to be a helpful tool. There are other riding positions, particularly for athletes, which tend to be more acute than 45° as the rider will be aiming for aerodynamics and efficiency. These saddles will get longer and narrower the closer to the handlebars the rider tilts.