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About Pedalshed


How our story began...

Sitting on a wet or worse, cold and wet saddle just doesn’t help the mood, and wiping your saddle with a sleeve or using a naf plastic bag just aren’t solutions. While the thin plastic shower-cap or occasional freebee advertising cap help to cover the saddle in rain, they do little to add comfort, protection, warmth, or style to your ride! So Pedalshed got busy.

After much research into alternative methods to prevent the “cold and wet bottom ride”, Pedalshed found plenty of improvements to work on and has been building momentum ever since October 2011.

Pedalshed is proud to share with you that after 10 years of R&D, over 20 productions in Poland, Romania and Birmingham, attending many cycling events across Europe, showing a presence at umpteen fairs across England and in Germany, we are now an established brand which is recognised in the cycling industry for what we do. Keeping cyclists' bottoms dry and comfortable, as well as adding that cherry on the cake to spruce up any bike!

Pedalshed is designed by Danes and based in London. The production is currently made by hand in Europe and produced with as much sustainability as we can at this point, up-cycling and re-cycling whenever possible. Our product labels are recycled and the packaging is biodegradable. We use up-cycled fabrics from Danish designed furniture textiles for the majority of our Limited Edition covers, and we are still investigating how we can improve sustainability further. Minimising the waste and usage of thin plastic bags covering the streets’ bike saddles was the first goal!

If you have any ideas, feedback, or want to donate materials for a future generation of Pedalshed covers, please get in touch:

If you are a distributor and want to stock our product, please contact for our wholesale price list and order form.