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Article: "Things We Absolutely Love"


"Things We Absolutely Love"

PedalShed was featured in Absolutely Notting Hill Magazine under "Things We Absolutely Love" in May 2014.

"Based in Great Western Studios, PedalShed is dedicated to improving your ride with these stylish and practical seat covers addressing the problem of 'cold and wet bottom ride'. Stylishly finished in reclaimed fabrics from Danish furniture, these clever waterproof numbers will certainly add to your cycling pleasure."


Absolutely Notting Hill is a luxury lifestyle magazine published in London.

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Next Generation - saddle covers!

Don't get a wet and chilly bottom this winter... Instead, saddle up on a comfortable, protective and stylish ride with a PedalShed saddle cover. Carl Heisenberg Horatio Harry Oscar ...

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The Scotsmen have arrived!

Ewan, Gordon, Roderick, Duncan, Angus and Roy have joined the PedalShed family! These 6 hearty Scotsmen have charmed or fought their way to the shed and we are jolly pleased they are here. The Scot...

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