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Article: Next Generation - saddle covers!


Next Generation - saddle covers!

Don't get a wet and chilly bottom this winter...

Instead, saddle up on a comfortable, protective and stylish ride with a PedalShed saddle cover.

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We are proud to announce the launch of 8 new Limited Edition styles this month and can confirm that not only do they look fantastic, but they feel oh so good to ride!

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What does PedalShed do..?

PedalShed has created a practical, user-friendly and funky way to improve your ride as well as adding a personal touch to your bike, whether it’s a private bike or one you share with the rest of th...

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"Things We Absolutely Love"

PedalShed was featured in Absolutely Notting Hill Magazine under "Things We Absolutely Love" in May 2014. "Based in Great Western Studios, PedalShed is dedicated to improving your ride with these ...

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