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"Oozing Scandi Style"

Gear up for an eco-friendly bike ride - How green is your ride? by Chloe Hay for Total Women's Cycling - January 2018

"Things we Absolutely LOVE”

"Based in Great Western Studios, PedalShed is dedicated to improving your ride with these stylish and practical seat covers addressing the problem of 'cold and wet bottom ride'. Stylishly finished in reclaimed fabrics from Danish furniture, these clever waterproof numbers will certainly add to your cycling pleasure"

Absolutely Notting Hill Magazine

“I want the lot!”

Amanda Waggott from The Notting Hill Post (continued below)

“My Pedalshed seat cover makes my bike seat so much more comfortable. I first started using it on rainy days, but soon after realised it made long rides much more enjoyable, and prevented any saddle soreness. The materials and colours are beautiful, and I love that they’re made from upcycled fabric. A winner all round!”

Katherine - Dallas, USA

"I've not been so pleased with a purchase since I bought my first Moulton 35 years ago as I am with my new Pedalshed Saddle cover. Not only do I have a well made, heavy duty, waterproof cover that I expect to last longer than anything I've used in the past, but one that should protect and extend the life of my vintage Brooks saddle well into the future. Not only that but with the extra under cover insert,protects my shorts and trousers from the slightly protruding rivets of my Brooks that has been transferred from bike to bike over over many years. Thank you Pedalshed for producing an exceptional product."

Robert Landbeck, member Moulton bicycle Club, UK

"Thank you Pedalshed for bringing these amazing bike saddle covers to us bikers!

I love my “Notting Hill” saddle cover made of up-cycled (my favorite part) Paul Smith fabric (LOVE), keeping my bum dry (yes, also FAB!) in rainy weather. And my boring old black bike looks so stylish now."

Maryli – Manhattan, NY

"Le couvre selle est superbe et lescouleurs sensationelles. J'adore!!"

Natacha – New Caledonia, South Pacific

"Made a great present for my cycling mad dad"

Gayle – Staffordshire, UK

"I love my saddle cover, it brightens up my otherwise dull old bike and makes me smile every time I use it. Easy to put on the saddle, easy to take off and pop into my pocket and go. A very stylish addition and no more wet bottom, what more could anyone want?!"

Simon BD - London, UK

"Walking up the Portobello this morning it was hard to miss the stall selling the most gorgeous coloured bike seat covers. Made from up-cycled furniture fabric from Denmark, no two are the same and so are named. I bought Roy for my rusty stead. They are splash proof and made up of three layers for a comfy ride and in glorious colours for £25. There is also the 100% waterproof and lightly cushioned model (not as tactile) which comes in at £15. It has to be this year's Christmas present for all. I want the lot. They look a bit like a flat cap for your bike or a posing pouch for a well-hung man friend, depending on which way you hold them obvs." 

Amanda Waggott - The Notting Hill Post

"A comfy Ride" in Podcast by Andrew Sykes of The Cycling Europe Podcast, Episode 002 - October 2017; The Cycle Show   8mins40sec in.