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PedalShed has several different collections available. Each Collection comes with a range of unique styles individually named and carefully put together.

To view saddle covers by colour, pattern or designer, please use the drop down "Browse" box on the right hand side in the Shop and on each collection page. Or pop a word into the search button above, try "leather"...

“I want the lot" Amanda Waggott, Notting Hill Post

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The Tweed Collection

Spin London Collection (Slim Fit)


Classic English Cocktails (Slim Fit)


Delightful BumBling Collection (Slim Fit)


Seriously Luxurious Leather Collection


Gone Stripy Collection (Regular Fit)


Admired Derrieres Collection (Regular Fit)


The Scotsmen Collection (Regular Fit)


London Hoods Collection (Regular Fit)


The Funksters Collection (Regular Fit)


Golden Nuggets Collection (Regular Fit)


The Steelcut Collection (Regular Fit)