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Bike Is Best

by Kathrine Pedersen |

During lockdown lots of people got their old bikes out or went online to buy new / 2nd hand bicycles and many started enjoying riding on empty streets and moving around for pleasure and exercise. People who might not ordinarily have taken to pedal power got out there too. With fewer cars and little public transport, the air quality, especially in big cities, dramatically changed within a short period of time. In London we had blue skies, bird song, lighter and fresher air to breathe, all despite living in a major city centre. While lockdown eased and we are now all trying to get back to where we were before or somewhere close to it, we have an oppurtunity to make a few concious changes which could significantly improve our lifestyles. Carrying on bicycling instead of getting back in the car would have a huge impact on the enviornment, our health and our overall happiness! But we need to join forces to encourage this change so that city infastructure can better support cycling as a method of commuting. Please have a read at #BikeIsBest, or better yet, sign the petition and join the movement now

Thank you!