Vintage; Slim fit, Spin Collection, CHEESY WHATSIT


"Cheesy Whatsit", is a bright, limited edition, bicycle saddle cover, made from top quality textiles up-cycled from Danish design furniture. He has a sharp blood orange top and an electric blue rim. Both textiles are called "Flex" and are made from an environmentally friendly polyester designed by Inger Mosholt Nielsen for Danish textile company Gabriel.

Modeled after the Brompton and Brooks B17 saddles, he fits most slim saddles which are narrow in seat and long in nose. He has three layers: a water resistant base, an insulating middle layer for added comfort and a stunning top layer to be seen riding on!

Cheesy Whatsit was named by one of our contestants at the Spin London Bicycle Festival in May 2016 and we LOVE the name - Thank you Maddy & Siobhan!