Slim fit, Seriously Luxurious, LAMBINI


"Lambini", is a seriously luxurious, limited edition, bicycle saddle cover with a water resistant base, made from top quality leather up-cycled from Danish design furniture. Very soft and has a beautiful long haired top coat. Her cow skin pattern varies from cover to cover, making all of them entirely unique. Her rim is clementine orange and also made from upcycled leather of the best quality.

She has been molded after the Brooks B17 & Brompton saddles and fits most slim sized bicycle seats. The elastic in the base of the rim allows flexibility in size of saddle. The leather rim is a snug fit on the B17 initially and then gives a little with time. Just like a nice pair of leather shoes.

This extremely luxurious saddle cover will customize your ride and make your journey a more comfortable, protected and stylish one. Lambini has three layers: a water resistant base, an insulating middle layer for a little bit of added padding and a stunning top layer to be seen riding on! Depending on how much you ride, bald patches may start to occur as this is genuine cow hide.

Also available in Brown & White cow hide with a nougat coloured leather rim. These Plush rides are also made for Regular sized saddles.