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Joyce is a stylish and comfy, limited edition, bicycle saddle cover lined with a water resistant base to keep you dry! This cover is made from top quality textiles up-cycled from Danish design furniture adding not only comfort to your ride but style too.

Joyce, like the cover Greenwich Park has a unique two toned top and soft beige coloured leather rim, but there's more to it than that! The upcycled top fabric is made with a fantastic textile by the designer duo PearsonLloyd who have produced this upholstery fabric exclusively for the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. Each cover is unique as the occasional slim golden toned lines on the top represents a different path in London's Greenwich Park and we have used all the fabric available to us to make these wonderful covers.

“The British design duo PearsonLloyd was inspired by London’s green lungs – its parks – when they created the Greenwich fabric collection. The name comes from Greenwich Park: the designers transformed sections of the lines of the park’s paths into an abstract pattern that repeats itself across the large surfaces.” by Bene on behalf of Kvadrat.

Also available in charcoal grey and moss green.

Treat your cover like you would treat your woolly jumper and it will take care of you for longer!

Modeled after the Brompton and Brooks B17 saddles, Greenwich fits most slim saddles which are narrow in seat and long in nose.

Joyce Sale price£35.00 GBP